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Like a number of good writers, Jeff Brailey has practiced many different vocations in his life. He has been a chief operating officer, administrator, social worker, safety and training coordinator, animal handler, sanitation engineer, security guard, photographer, paid political coordinator in a presidential election campaign, and, during a 20 year career in the U.S. Army, a nurse.

He has worked on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and construction barges in Nigeria, Bahrain and Dubai. During his overseas tours of duty, he has been stationed in Vietnam, Panama and Egypt. He has traveled extensively in Israel, every country of Central America and was the senior medic of the humanitarian mission to Jonestown, Guyana in 1978 that returned the remains of 912 Americans who perished there.

And everywhere he went, no matter what job took him there, Jeff Brailey wrote. He has written for fun and he has written for profit. He has been published in newspapers and other periodicals from the Middle East to Central America.

He enjoys putting words together that effectively convince and communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas. He like making things easier to understand. His commentaries will tug at your heartstrings and will not only provoke thought, but also prompt action.

Technical and business writing are also his fortes. Jeff Brailey is experienced in composing lesson plans and policies & procedures. He has written OSHA-directed Standard Operating Procedures and designed forms for use in industrial safety and in the home health field.

For the past 30 years, Jeff Brailey has written news stories and commentaries in the areas of military, veteran and POW/MIA affairs, health care, cults and cult abuse, and other contemporary social issues.

He has written news copy for a television station in Oklahoma and worked as a field reporter for a news radio station in Texas. While assigned in the Sinai Desert, he wrote, produced and presented a one hour nightly news show for a members of the Multinational peacekeeping force there.

He has attended Barrington College in Rhode Island and Florida State University while stationed in Panama. Jeff Brailey graduated from Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science in Education.

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