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Our Vision

J & J Publishers is dedicated to presenting the important works of new and unknown authors to the world. We endeavor to enable writers to reach their maximum potential and at the same time to present new, controversial, and thought provoking materials to enlighten readers.

Submission Guidelines

1. Authors and writers are invited to submit a two page letter outlining their project. This letter should include: a) The author's credentials (what qualifies him/her to write this book?), b) Briefly convince the publisher why this book will be important to the readers, c) what makes this book stand out and be significant, and d) why is the author writing this book.

2. If this letter provokes the editors at J & J Publishers to want to learn more about the proposed book, a standard book proposal will be requested. This proposal must include: a) an outline of the chapters, b) two sample chapters, c) a rough timetable for when the author will be able to submit a completed manuscript, d) list other books that this work will complement and compete with, e) describe what the author will do to promote the book if it is accepted for publication, f) give a short biography of the author and, g) assurance that all writing is the work of the author and/or the author has the permission of others to include their works in his/her book.

3. A self-addressed-stamped-envelope must be included with all correspondence.

J&J Publishers
P.O. Box 240808
San Antonio, TX 78224
United States