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The Ghosts of November

Memoirs of an Outsider Who Witnessed the Carnage at Jonestown, Guyana.

The True Story That Took Twenty Years To Tell

THE GHOSTS OF NOVEMBER picks up where the other books about Jonestown stopped, AFTER the massacre occurred. It reveals what happened to the remains of the 914 Americans that perished there and tells in graphic detail how the clean-up was accomplished and how it affected its participants.

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ISBN 0-9667868-0-7

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Read The Ghosts of November & you will learn

about the very necessary, but gruesome job of the military mortuary specialists and find out how these amazing men and women handle the stress of collecting the remains of persons killed under catastrophic conditions.

how the evacuation of the remains of the Jonestown victims was mismanaged by no less than four federal agencies.

of the long-term psychological effects experienced by some members of the Joint Task Force that was sent to Guyana to clean up Jonestown.

The Ghosts of November is must reading for grief counselors, military history buffs, those interested in alternative religions, and anyone who wants to know the truth about what happened in Jonestown AFTER the tragic deaths of more than 900 of its residents on November 18, 1978.