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WordWorks Features News Service

WWFNS Creates Business Plan

Given a thirty day deadline to complete a business plan and receive a hefty bonus, WordWorks founder and President Jeff Brailey faced the challenge and worked day and night to not only finish a very technical plan in less than three weeks, he also presented the client with a product that required very little revision.

micro Banking Solutions, Inc., a San Antonio company that provides e-commerce financial services to businesses, was very pleased not only with the speed at which the plan was completed, but also by the daily updating and drafts Brailey provided.

"I like to keep the client informed every step of the way," Brailey said, "It makes my job easier because I can judge whether or not I am going inthe right direction by my daily interaction witht he client."

Brailey is currently in negotiations with micro Banking Solutions, Inc. and hopefully WordWorks Features News Service will be contracted to do all of the company's business communications. He has already shown Dan Mitchell, MBSI's founder and CFO, several brochure he designed on spec so MBSI's management would see some of the products WWFNS has to offer.

The business plan is not the easiest genre for a writer to work in. Many hours of research go into each document.

"It's not as creative as writing a screen or stage play," said Brailey, but the satisfaction of a job well done is felt a lot sooner."

MBSI's was the third business plan composed by Brailey and WWFNS and he certainly hopes it is not the last.

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